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Scientific and Technological Advances in Healthcare Crises

At the moment, we are still recruiting members for the organising committee. If you would like to get involved in the organisation of the conference and the termly events, just click below.

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We are a group of students interested in promoting and facilitating the translation of biomedical research into clinical practice.

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The BBMS Society is a registered students’ society at the University of Cambridge

The BBMS Society is closely linked to the Milner Therapeutics Institute on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus. Institute’s founder Prof Tony Kouzarides guided the BBMS team to launch as a Society in 2021 and functions as its Senior Treasurer. The Milner Therapeutics Institute is an innovative biomedical institution, aiming to bridge the gap between academia and industry. This mission is being fulfilled on several levels: Milner Therapeutics Consortium facilitates collaborative research agreements, Milner Research Institute provides common working space for scientists from academia, biotech and pharma, as well as academic entrepreneurs partnering with venture partners, while Global Therapeutic Alliance connects organisations across the world with Cambridge ecosystem.

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