Dr. Ruchi Sharma

Dr. Ruchi Sharma is CEO and founder of Stemnovate
Ltd. Ruchi obtained her PhD from the University of
Edinburgh working on stem cell research and
subsequently held post-doctoral positions at the
Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh and the
Wellcome Trust-MRC Cambridge Stem Cell
Institute. She was nominated by BioBeat as one of
50 leading female scientists and innovators in
healthcare in 2017.

Following her time in academia, Dr. Sharma started her own
biotech company, Stemnovate Ltd. Stemnovate focuses on
development of organ-on-a-chip technologies, integrating stem cell research
and tissue engineering. In developing these exciting new technologies,
Stemnovate aims to provide a patient-tailored drug discovery and
screening tool that is more physiologically relevant, cheaper and ethical
compared to animal models. Stemnovate was recently awarded
a $1 million Innovate UK funding grant to advance
‘Liver on a chip’ technology.


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