Startups BBMS17

The following start-ups that presented at BBMS 2017 are  participants of the Accelerate entrepreneurship program at the Cambridge Judge Business School.

Swift Molecular Diagnostics


Swift Molecular Diagnostics


Swift Molecular Diagnostics is a molecular diagnostic company that wants to revolutionise the field of diagnostics and make it accessible to everybody and everywhere. Swift Molecular Diagnostics have created a novel technology that allows the development of self-contained diagnostic devices for fast, accurate and low-cost genetic detection that do not require laboratory facilities or trained personnel.

The genetic “yes or no” test can be performed directly by the side of the patient in under 15 minutes. This kit could, for example, be used in place of current healthcare protocols to diagnose MRSA infections, a bacteria resistant to multiple antibiotics that are particularly dangerous for the immune compromised. For the first time in the history of molecular diagnostics, anyone will be able to use a DNA test regardless of his location, equipment and training.


LIFNano Therapeutics


Lifnano Logo

Until now, it has not been possible to deliver LIF (Leukaemia Inhibitory Factor, a small reparative protein) directly into the sites of inflammation and neuronal damage. LIFNanoRx, for the first time, makes such targeted delivery possible using nanobodies. LIF is a critical stem cell factor that has unique biological properties: these not only promote tissue repair but also suppress disease-linked inflammation. LIF is highly attractive as a treatment for Multiple  Sclerosis (MS) and also for neurodegenerative diseases that are linked to inflammation.

LIFNanoRx’s targeted medicinal nanoparticle – “LIFNano” – provides a safe, cell-free, drug-free and potentially curative approach to MS. The technology is patented and LIFNanoRx holds a worldwide exclusive licence in the exploitation of LIF using their NanoMed platform technology.




The pharmaceutical industry is facing a downturn in drug discovery success with shrinking pipelines and blockbusters coming off patent despite enormous amounts of money being spent on drug discovery every year.

PHARMeNABLE offers a unique diverse compound library in conjunction with their multi-target screening programme to identify novel hit compounds against the most challenging biological targets. The discovery of these initial hits could lead to the development of next-generation therapeutics, for example, a novel antibacterial agent or a much-needed cancer treatment.