Training BBMS16

Mobility between academia and industry

This training will be based on Dr Andreu Soldevila Fàbrega’s transition from an industry-based PhD into entrepreneurship, the skills, tasks and values involved in his work today and what he considers key priorities in running your own business. The training will be interactive and will involve a participant activity on teamwork, management of change and leadership. All interested in running their own business in the future or understanding the role of research in industry are encouraged to come!

Andreu Soldevila


Andreu has a PhD in Biology, MSc in Biotechnology, MSc in Microbiology and Genetics, MSc in Environmental sciences, BS in Biology and BS in Biotechnology with 16 years of experience in the biotechnology and bio-pharmaceutical industry. Andreu developed as a professional in the area of small molecules, peptides, biotherapeutics and in the past few years especially in New Biological entities and Biosimilars. Professionally, Andreu is interested in functions related to science and business (research and development, business development, technology transfer, project management) in the biotech and biopharma sectors.