2018 Startups

At BBMS18 the following Cambridge based biotech startups will be giving 10 minute talks followed by Q&A. Each startup will also have a table for advertising and networking during breakout sessions.


Elpis BioMed provides differentiated human cell types for use in science, drug discovery, toxicology screening and cell therapies. Its proprietary and scalable technology allows for generation of human cell types of unmatched purity, maturity and consistency. These attributes address the key issues required to fulfil the stem cell promise.


POCKIT diagnostics Ltd is a start-up company aimed at developing a diagnostic device to rapidly differentiate between Acute Ischaemic Stroke and Intracerebral Haemorrhage, the two main types of stroke. Our innovation is the application of rapid immune-based detection of stroke-specific biomarkers to provide diagnosis of stroke in less than 20 minutes. Rapid diagnosis of stroke subtype will allow specific treatment to be delivered earlier and will reduce stroke-induced disability and mortality.


BioPhonics aims to use bodily sounds to automatically detect diseases by building an intelligent stethoscope. Our initial focus is on heart sounds and we have built and artificial intelligence system capable of accurately detecting heart murmurs, which are a key indicator of valvular heart disease.


At PharmEnable we support early drug discovery programs by providing a rapid, cost efficient, and effective platform to identify new hit candidates. We use our unique and diverse virtual compound library in conjunction with our computational screening technology to identify novel active chemical starting points against the most challenging biological targets. The discovery of these initial chemical starting points could lead to the development of next-generation medicines, for example, a novel antibacterial agent or a much needed cancer treatment.


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